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Thread Contributor: astao262Barrel factory
Nitride Barrel for Plastic Injection Molding Machine and Extruder

Product Parameter
Nitride Barrel for Plastic Injection Molding Machine and Extruder
Steel Material38cromia High Qualit
Nitride hardnessHV850 – 1000
Screw Diameter Range25mm to 300mm
Nitride case depth0.45 - 0.7mm
Max. Barrel Diameter500mm
Heat TreatmentNitriding treatment(120 Hours)
Product Features
Nitride Barrel for Plastic Injection Molding Machine and Extruder
Nitriding is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of the barrel wall, to produce a hard surface on the working surface of the component. Depending on the size of the barrel either gas or plasma nitride process is used to give an even depth of hardness.
After Nitriding, a minimum surface hardness of 950 Vickers (VPN), equivalent to 68 Rockwell is achieved with a hardness a depth of 0.4 – 0.6mm. Standard specification.
Nitrided Barrels provide good wear and corrosion resistance for general purpose extrusion and injection moulding applications.
Production Process
Application Area
Applications in Plastic Products
Applications in Plastic Machinery

Our Advantages
◆ Customized Solutions
◆ Available in different machines and sizes
◆ Highly Polished and processed
◆ Good Performance
◆ Higher Corrosion Resistance
◆ Higher Wear resistance

Stock Room
Package and Delivery
Q: Do you have screw barrel in stock
A: Yes! Especially for screw barrel for Haitian Machines, we have large stock which can be delivered promptly.
Q: How to make sure the screw barrel suitable for our machies?
A: We will give you assembly drawing for final confirmation.
Q: How about the warranty guarantee
A: For 100% new material, one year under normal operation.

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